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Today marks the 6th anniversary of the death of a great man. George Habash, founder of the PFLP, contributed largely to today’s Palestinian struggle and was a key figure of refocusing world attention on the war crimes committed against my people. Because of him, we have a chance at getting our homeland back, and reuniting the diaspora with the remnant in one free and undivided Palestine. To this day, Habash remains an inspiration to many across the world, myself included. I hope to follow in his footsteps and make my own contribution to the liberation of my homeland. I also hope to fulfill his wish that not another generation will die in exile.

RIP George Habash. We will forever love you.


Recently I met a so-called comrade who I became smitten with after a major misunderstanding on his part(or so he claims)…and began conversing with him in NSFW language and things…and he turns around and attempts to pass me off to someone else quite abruptly, with no explanation whatsoever. Turns out that his intentions weren’t in the vein of commitment, and apparently just for fun…so just to clear shit up, I’m gonna come correct with some shit.

I am not a cheap piece of trash that be discarded at a whim. I am not a cheap whore that can you can drag out back behind a building and use for a cum dumpster. I am not a loose woman. I am not here for your pleasure.

I am a dignified, respectful…albeit belligerent and incorrigible…woman who stands for a noble cause, was raised to have integrity and to never take crap off anyone. I may be rough around the edges, salty, even downright mischievous at times, but I am nobody’s toy. Either you fucking come correct with your shit or don’t come at all. Black or white…there is no grey area with me. I cannot and will not compromise my honor for your cheap thrills. I’m sure you’ve ran into plenty of people who will, who have no respect for themselves or no scruples, but that shit ain’t me…and for you to expect that out of me is akin to slapping me in the face and spitting on me afterwards. Never, ever, EVER assume that shit about me, lest you want to end up on my shit list. And that list is worse than having your name written in the Death Note. By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll wish you were dead. And that is not a threat, that shit’s a promise.

Now excuse me while I walk the fuck away and continue being a jabhawiya. I got a country to free. I ain’t got time for petty games. Leave that shit for the bourgeoisie.


Colonialism has infiltrated the Palestinian solidarity movement.

 Recently I came across a post by a friend of mine, and he was basically comparing Sharon to Hitler. To me, the comparison was apt. Both are genocidal maniacs, both were fascists, and both were merciless sociopaths.

This man(a white European) gets on here and says the following:

"Extremely counterproductive post. If you really want to alienate people from the Palestine struggle, keep posting things like this."

Then he said also: "It is exagerated and historically incorrect. There is enough to talk about when it comes to Israeli crimes without this faulty comparison."

He proceeded to say: "I’m just giving my opinion based upon my experience. And that is that many people who really want to help in this struggle are alienated by this comparison. It seems to me to be tactically unwise. It does not grow the movement internationally, rather the opposite. I was responsible for media in Norway for the Freedom Flotilla, and i have seen how this works there. It doesnt help, in my opinion."

Freedom Flotilla lol. Yeah we see how far that shit got. Not far before the zionists turned the ships back, seized the cargo, and most likely destroyed it. Basically a worthless and futile attempt at charity. Sure they had good intentions, but as the old saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

So my answer was to him: "Alienated by whom? The world? Who cares about the world. The world stood silently by while our ancestors were being driven out of our homes. The world stood by while our brethren died in numerous genocidal massacres. The world stood by while the rest of Palestine was swallowed up by the zionist monster. The world stood by and let Gaza, Sabra and Shatila, Deir Yassin, and dozens of others happen. No I don’t care about the world or how it feels. The world can go eff itself. The time when the world did start paying attention is when imperialist citizens got caught in the mix. That’s all the world cares about. Their own. The world community is dominated by and dictated to by IMPERIALISM.

And I don’t care what no imperialists gotta say. Alienated or not, we are Palestinians, and our struggle is righteous, whether the imperialists recognize it or not.

I am no peacenik, I am no liberal. I am no pacifist, and I am no two-stater. I am a militant, I am a radical, and I am a patriot. Most of all, I am not sorry for being any of these. If you wanna sing “kum-ba-ya”, Palestine ain’t the place to do that. Our enemy is very real, very merciless, and very hellbent on wiping us out, both physically and culturally. Can’t fight force with peace. Armed struggle is the only option at this point.

If you want to do nice things for us, then fine. We accept your support. What we won’t accept is for you to tell us how to approach the situation. If you really love us, you’ll respect us unconditionally. Maybe this is the way we weed out all the phony supporters and keep the real ones. Sometimes the bugs need to separated from the grain.”

Listen people, this isn’t an international struggle. This is a PALESTINIAN struggle. We don’t care whether we alienate you or not, we are in a struggle for liberation, not a fucking popularity contest. What have almost twenty years of nonviolence gotten us? Deeper in economic limbo and more land stolen. More settlements, more violence against us, and more casualties. More homeless, more lost revenue, and less hope of coexistence becoming a reality. We need to fight back. I’m sick of all these pasty ass Europeans coming over and telling US how we should to OUR struggle.

Fucking check your privilege.

ADDENDUM: He just replied with this: “I know the world has done basically nothing, as it does in most cases. But if that is to change - and it already has changed a lot - the key is the number of people joining.

I know its a palestinian struggle, but it has an important international component. It is our governments out here who support israel, and as long as they do, change is very hard to see. So we need to put pressure on them too. I just cant see how things can change without that outside pressure. This is not uncommon, by the way. The same can be said about many movements. The Civil Rights Movement, for example. And the South African one.

I dont know the israelis like you do. But i have met them on board the Mavi Marmara, so i have seen some of the brutallity.

Armed struggle seems to me the safest way to loose, by the way. And that is purely a tactical statement. Nonviolent strategies just succeed more often, as a historical fact. If you want to beat Mike Tyson, dont challenge him in boxing . The isrealis just do not seem to know how to handle it. “We dont do Ghandi well”, one of their generals said.

And again; im not telling anybody what to do. Just offering an opinion.

Your opinion is duly noted, sir, and disregarded. Please check your privilege.

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